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Responsibility starts with transparency

Travel is an essential part of our lives. Travel brings people together, nurtures business relations and bridges cultural boundaries. Since we cannot fully do without flights, we need to think and act responsibly. The first step towards more responsibility is transparency. We need to understand our individual travel patterns and its impact on the planet in order to take responsibility and make a change.

This is why we built Compensaid. Keep track of your travel activities, get detailed data on all your trips and immediately take action to curb your personal carbon footprint. For the first time you can offset your emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). With the help of this innovative fuel technology, you can contribute to making your flights more sustainable today - in fact, you reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil kerosene.

Community flight distance
7,046,110 km

Every action counts

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Carbon emissions
of the community
848.63 t
Offsetting through trees in 20 yrs
124.77 t
Instant CO2 savings through SAF
19.65 t

881 Trees = 124.77 t CO2

Estimated CO2 impact through SAF compared to regular fuel

9597 L = 19.65 t CO2

2777 Flights
  • Short-haul 1365
  • Medium distance 838
  • Long-haul 574
Air carriers
168 Airlines
  • Lufthansa 971
  • Unknown 455
  • Eurowings 184
  • Swiss International Air Lines 145
  • Austrian Airlines 75
  • Ryanair 62
  • easyJet 38
  • Air France 33
  • Scandinavian Airlines System 31
  • Aegean Airlines 28
Flight time
370 days 17:12 hrs
  • Shortest flight 0:20 h
  • ∅ flight 3:25 h
  • Longest flight 16:20 h
96 Countries
  • Germany 1171
  • United States 186
  • Spain 142
  • Switzerland 104
  • United Kingdom 89
  • Austria 89
  • France 82
  • Italy 77
  • Denmark 44
  • Greece 42
Community kerosene consumption
330,396 L
Community contributions
CO2 offsetting
881 Trees

881 Trees = 124.77 t CO2

Bought SAF
9597 L

Estimated CO2 impact through SAF compared to regular fuel

9597 L = 19.65 t CO2

Compensate now and invest
into a more sustainable future

The truth is – travel seriously impacts today’s carbon emissions. Reducing it is a pivotal task the travel industry needs to master. At the same time, travelers can help accelerate the path to a more sustainable future. Together with our strong partners, we provide an easy and transparent way to compensate your CO2 footprint already today. Reduce the CO2 emissions of your flights by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Community contribution
Community contribution

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