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Why planting trees is good in the long run

Reforestation is one of the most effective methods to fight climate change according to recent studies.

With the help of our partner MyClimate and local communities, we plant trees in Nicaragua.

What is the project about?

The reforestation initiative is located near a critical watershed that feeds into Nicaragua’s most important estuary, the Estero Real. The local community will reforest the region, which will not only store CO2, but also help conserve the wetlands that host unparalleled biodiversity.

The project area covers 86 square kilometers and empowers rural communities to take control of their resources.

How can I compensate my carbon emissions through the project?

We calculate how many trees need to be planted to offset the carbon emissions of your flights. For the CO2 calculation, we use a formula defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization, which determines the carbon emissions per passenger as accurately as possible. To be transparent on this, here is the math we do:

CO2 per passenger = 3.16* (total fuel * pax-to-freight factor)/(number of y-seats *pax load factor)

An example:

Using the formula above, an economy flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt releases 90kg of CO2 per person. All variables in the equation are based on empirical data collected and calculated by ICAO.

Seven trees can capture 1000kg of CO2 in 20 years. Therefore just one tree would be needed to be to remove the carbon dioxide emissions. Within our project, planting seven trees cost ca. 23,50€. In this specific case, our recommended offsetting amount would be 1,81 Euros.

How does this exactly work?

We will transfer every cent of your money to our partner MyClimate, so the community in Nicaragua gets the most out of your contribution.

Enter now your first flight and get started!

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